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According to the expert developed his concept of the project is approx. 15-20 years, although – as the professor argues – is to build a real example. M3 in 10 years, the two-term government of Warsaw. II, currently under construction metro line is to have – according to information available at the office of the city – 31 km and 21 stations. In 2015 it was put to use the central stretch of the M2 (Daszynskiego Roundabout – Vilnius Railway Station).

In the next year to be completed next two sections – Praga North and Targowek and Wola and Bemowo. The whole investment is to be realized by 2023 years. Swearing-in ceremony took place on Wednesday in the Parliament. Referee Prostko promise made before the Speaker of the Sejm Marek Kuchcinskim. Prostko was a member of the TS recommendation kukiz’15. Judge Robert Majka – in a place which was called Prostko – resigned in TS function in connection with taking deputy mandate.

In January, parliament elected Spacer member of the Tribunal of State, his candidacy earlier reported by the club kukiz’15 opinion on the parliamentary justice committee. Maciej Prostko is a legal advisor, a graduate of the University of Warmia – Mazury in Olsztyn. He also completed his legal training and passed the exam trainee in the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Warsaw. According to the regulations, the Tribunal of State may be elected Polish citizens enjoying full public rights, criminal record, unemployed in the organs of government administration. Persons selected in the production before the Tribunal of State Speaker of the Sejm promise judges. According to the constitution of the Tribunal of State for an infringement of the Constitution or of a statute constitutional responsibility borne by: the president, the prime minister, members of the Council of Ministers, the President of the NBP, the Supreme Chamber of Control, members of the National Broadcasting Council, persons to whom the Prime Minister entrusted the management of the Ministry and the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. At a certain extent, also MPs and senators.

TS chairman is ex officio the First President of the Supreme Court. The Court further comprises two vice-presidents and 16 members currently elected by the Parliament for the duration of the term of office from amongst those deputies and senators. (PAP) by Gregory Bruszewski, Matthew Mikowski During Monday’s conference in the Parliament he presented a Modern “365 days. Black Book PiS government.” “It was a very bad year for the Polish both in the economic, foreign and interpersonal” – said Petru.zobacz also Petru appeal of Kaczynski: In the last year I have seen mainly Kozakiewicz gesture, not giving a hand “at the same time reminded that according to the announcement government before the year in 2016. Polish economy was to develop, and “we have a slowdown.” “It was to be improving conditions for entrepreneurship, and we have a harvest among Polish entrepreneurs. Was supposed to be easier, and it is difficult,” – he said. Head of Modern pointed out here trying to introduce new taxes such as the tax on trade that “instead hit foreign network hit the Polish entrepreneurs.” “He had to be lowered in VAT next year, but will remain at 23 percent.

Investment also fell, because the Polish companies are investing much less than in previous years” – pointed. Petru also drew attention to the large decline in investments from EU funds. “It is hardly surprising, since each Marshal’s Office is the CBA” – ironically. “We had to be a strong country in Europe, and we have historically weakest position in the EU (…), we are at odds with its closest neighbors. Fewer and fewer countries counts with us, we are less and less seen as a serious country” – mowil.zobacz also Nowacka : a society that does not look to the future not succeed »Head of Modern further stated that the response to the” Black book of PiS rule “is the program of Modern. “We want to pursue it for three years or sooner. I am convinced that Poles apart antyPiSu also need a chance for a better tomorrow, and then we can guarantee the Poles” – said Petru. As a representative of the company passed, yet specialists perform works that are intended to prevent the possible further spread of the malware from infected computers. Production at the Renault plant in Douai is to begin Tuesday morning – she added. Other factories concern, which stopped working on Saturday following the attack, has resumed operation.

See also: In China cyber attack affected over 29 thousand. institutions’ “Financial Times”: China may try to buy the leadership in the region. Numerous questions about the project and the Belt Route »Guillaume Poupard, head of the government agency. Cybersecurity, told France-Inter radio that the cyber attack on Friday also affected other companies in France, but did not mention their names. He stressed he did not expect that on Monday, the first working day after the attack, he had control of reason “cyberchaos.” French prosecutors since Friday investigating the cyber attack. According to Europol series of cyber attacks Friday struck approx. 200 thousand. individuals and organizations, including large corporations, in at least 150 countries around the world.

For this purpose, the ransomware malware (by which hackers are demanding a ransom in exchange for unblocking access), based on the tools stolen from the US National Security Agency (NSA). In the attack suffered, among others, Spanish telecommunications giant Telefonica, the German railways Deutsche Bahn, the American shipping company FedEx, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and several universities in China. Meet The accident occurred near Lomza, between hindered the national road 63 Lomza – Zambrow. The driver of a passenger car, suspected that driving a car while under the influence of alcohol, did not stop for the control and began to run. When I stood (on the road were obstructing the traffic), police patrol, who rode behind him on the signal, they jumped out of his car to the driver to stop and prevent him from riding.

But when he reached the Audi that ran, the man suddenly moved, jostling them. During the flight slid into the left lane, which was coming from the opposite direction a second police car sirens. There, there was a head-on collision. In total, the stock suffered four officers: three men and a woman. The four of them went to the hospital. As told PAP on Saturday, police spokesman Thomas Krupa Podlasie, it turned out that there is no need for long hospitalization and after testing all four left the hospital.

50-year-old driver’s nothing serious had happened, he was detained. Because they did not give up on the spot breath test, the answer to the question whether he was actually under the influence of alcohol or drugs, will give the result of blood tests. The prosecutor’s office will decide the charges. (PAP) by Robert Filonczuk McCain has since suffered from a brain tumor. “Senator John Sidney McCain III died at 16.48 August 25, 2018 year. Faithfully served the United States for 60 years. In the last moments of his life with him was his wife and his family” – the message is the Senate office McCaina.zobacz as Senator McCain: Trump does not want at my funeral “John McCain during the Vietnam war was a pilot.

In October 1967 he joined the Vietnamese captivity, during which he was imprisoned in several prison camps, where he was subjected to severe torture. Although it did not disclose any information beyond your details and the degree of the military. It gained him great respect that, as the son of an admiral of the US Navy, commander of military operations in the Pacific, could be released from captivity in Vietnam in front of other prisoners, but he refused preferential treatment. He returned to the US in 1973, after the signing of the Paris peace agreements between the warring parties. Upon his return he became the hero of the press, which he devoted a lot of space in your articles. In 2000, he ran for the Republican nomination for president and won the primaries in several states. Republican Party nomination but earned the Governor of Texas, George W. Bush.

Eight years later, after winning primaries in 21 states, secured the Republican Party nomination for its candidate in the presidential elections in 2008. In the post-election night, based on unfavorable for themselves unofficial results of the key states, acknowledged his defeat Barack Obama. US President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter: “My condolences and my sincerest respect for the family of Senator John McCain, our hearts and prayers are with you!”. Memorial filed a Barack Obama, who said: “John and I were from a different generation, we had a completely different origin and starlismy at the highest political level. But despite our differences we had a common allegiance to czygos higher – up to the ideals that generations of Americans and immigrants fought and for which dedicated themselves. ” McCain died the day after he resigned from the treatment of brain cancer. They led him to the progression of the disease. “With his typical willpower decided to discontinue therapy” – said on Friday, his family said in a statement. Senator himself as harsh critic Donald Trump.

Assessing the American president, McCain – a supporter of the active involvement of the United States in the international arena and one of the first supporters of the adoption of Polish accession to NATO – but he wrote that he still sees a “glimmer of hope” that Trump “accept moral obligations” arising from the fact that it is ” the leader of the free world. ” McCain was considered a “hawk” in relation to Russia. Reuters wrote, was a supporter of US involvement in the world and NATO and to exert pressure on Russia in connection with Ukraine. He sought an increase in US military aid for the Polish armed forces, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and the acceleration of work on missile defense shield in Europe. Migration will be one of the main themes of the two-day meeting of heads of state and government of the EU countries. With the draft document for this meeting, which last week leaked to the media, that EU leaders are to agree on the establishment of regional centers, among others, North African migrants to blow up the rescue ships that did not reach the EU. When asked about the expectations in this area before starting on Thursday a two-day meeting of the European Council, Szymanski expressed confidence that EU leaders are unable to agree when it comes to “all the elements of external migration policy.” He rated in this context that the EU “should increasingly be proud of this element of compromise, because things are important.” “I think it would be better to deal with this, what works, what unites in the field of migration, and show that the EU brings positive change on migration – because it brings “- said policies, mentioning, among others, blocking the influx of migrants from the trail leading through the Aegean Sea, as well as its “significant reduction” in the Mediterranean. “It is the success of the EU” – he argued. “Today we do not pass it by the throat, because we feel that some of our internal problem is still unresolved,” – reserved deputy head of the Foreign Ministry, referring to the dispute over the relocation of refugees within Unii.Stwierdzil at the same time that the position of the Polish government, which demands “only and only rejection mechanism relocation “is” moderate “and” paves the way for joint action of the Union “in the field of migracji.Nieuniknione – according to Szymanski – a movement at the top of the multiannual financial framework for the EU after 2 May 2020. the EC adopted a draft EU budget for the years 2021-2027 in the amount of 1.279 trillion euros.

It provides for a cut in the EU’s cohesion policy in the amount of about 7 per cent., And the Common Agricultural Policy in the amount of about 5 percent. These cuts differ significantly with respect to individual countries – as proposed by the Commission in Poland under the Cohesion Policy would receive 64.4 billion euros, or 23 percent. means less than it is now. A similar scale of cuts concern is Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia and Malta (24 percent.). “The Commission’s proposal does not facilitate a quick agreement. The proposed cuts are arbitrary – they are not to justify political in countries where these cuts affect so this proposal will have to be significantly modified, would be adopted if – and this is not only a question of Polish “- deputy head of the Foreign Ministry stressed in a conversation with him PAP.Wedlug today is not a Member State which is satisfied with the proposal. “Of course at the beginning of negotiations, it usually is, but I think in this case we are dealing, however, with unprecedented levels of political dispute, and that means that the negotiations will definitely belong to the most difficult in history” – said wiceminister.Pytany discussion about the possibility of EU leaders presented by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron proposal to create a specific budget eurozone, Szymanski asserted that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki will be prepared for it to present the Polish position on this with sprawie.Zgodnie presented last week by the leaders of France and Germany Eurozone budget concept would serve investments, reducing the gap between the EU and the Eurozone countries protection against crises. According to the French president, had agreed to the remaining countries of the monetary union, the budget could take effect as early as 2021 r.Odnoszac to proposals Macron Szymanski and Merkel assured that Poland is vitally interested in repairing the euro zone, reserved at the same pay for research paper cheap time, however, that Poland it is not ready to support proposals that “do not solve any problems, and bring harm.” One such project is the – by the deputy head of the Foreign Ministry – the budget euro.Ocenil zone at the same time, that in the case presented by Merkel and Macron project there is a huge disparity between the political slogans and the real content.

According to Deputy Minister for eurozone budget document adopted by the leaders of Germany and France “does not hide any specifics.” “Coincidence – these specifics is not there, because the position between the German and the French too, there are still serious differences, and those differences grow to rank niepokonywalnych, if we consider the position of other euro zone countries” – Szymanski.Zwrocil argued in this context, the position of the Member the northern part of the eurozone, which a few days after the announcement of the Franco-German proposals “sent a very clear, very negative signal that they can not imagine the possibility or building new institutions, or – in particular – the provision of new money to any mechanism associated with the euro zone” .Among themes of the summit – as he said Szymanski – will also include the issue of the EU’s security and defense policy and the European defense Fund.